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 Magnus Landgren is a child neurologist at the child and adolescent centre in Mariestad and has been a chief physician in paediatric and adolescent medicine since 1992. Between 1998 and 2013 he was active as chief physician at child and adolescent habilitation services in Skaraborg, and has since worked as chief physician at child and habilitation services in Vänersborg/Uddevalla between 2013 and 2015. He was also chief of medicine at the unit for habilitation and health in the west Götaland region between 2010 and 2013.
As a student during the late 70's and early 80's, he always had an interest in scientific history and application of the scientific method. The course in pathology introduced him to mouse models for experimental tumor biology and also led to a few years of contact with students in the role of supervisor at autopsies. When he eventually began his specialist training in paediatrics, he also became involved clinically in a follow-up study on asthma, followed by some case descriptions in article form about Goldenhar syndrome and regarding the use of DNA amplification in cases of suspected CNS infections. After branching out in the late 80's into child psychiatry at the child neuropsychiatric centre (what is today the CNC) in Gothenburg, he changed course from child nefrology to neurology. He was involved clinically at CNC during the first Swedish study on central stimulants. This woke his interest in neurodevelopmental disorders and eventually led to the dissertation "Deficits in Attention, Motor control and Perception - DAMP Epidemiologic, Etiologic and Learning Aspects" in 1999 with Christopher Gillberg as supervisor. Through clinical experience he has developed a holistic view where paediatric medicine, psychiatry and habilitation are all integrated and where symptoms are understood from a neurodevelopmental perspective. His interest in the symptomatic diagnoses DAMP/DCD/ADHD has led him to study the causative diagnosis FAS (foetal alcohol syndrome). Working actively to create an open care organisation with local coordination of child services in local child and adolescent centres is something that has been a natural imperative to him.

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