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Dr Grumblephysick

David Taylor´s cartoon series on Dr Grumblephysick will feature regularly on the GNC website, starting in April 2014.

The character that became Grumblephysick came into being in 1954 while David Taylor was still a medical student. He was recovering from a Christmas too much given over to the fruits of the vine and barley. These had exacerbated his gout and he needed the solace of his Doctor. So, it seemed, had others when he arrived there. Even his Doctor's drinks table had suffered.

He re-emerged later to entertain his four children while they were on holiday in their cottage in Wales which was without electricity. They became "Il Quatri Physicii Grombelli". He also popped up to comment on the world scene but they had transient value. His re-emergence was prompted by the Crisis in British Medicine which is based on the Government's wish to be rid of the burden of Health Care. The Conservatives need to give it to their rich supporters to make "Loads of Money". Labour just wish the problem of cost would go away.

Grumblephysick´s political colour sometimes shines through, but he is not exclusively political. David will - hopefully - spare you from his being VERY RUDE; a habit to which he is inclined.

Sidansvarig: Anna Spyrou|Sidan uppdaterades: 2014-04-17

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